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Aviation logistics

We has more than ten years of rich operational experience in international air cargo import & export logistics operations, mainly in Air charter, aviation board, BSA, etc., with EK/QR/TK/OZ/SQ/BA/AA/LA/3U And other domestic and international airlines signed contracts.With Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong as the core airports, covering to the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Macao major cities, combining with the advantages of the three places to provide customers with multiple choices of effectively logistics service.

Signed an agency agreement with the four major express companies(DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT) to provide customers with air express services from Hong Kong to the worldwide.

Based on an agent service network in more than 120 major countries around the world, we provide customers with air-to-door services in major countries and regions around the world. With the three main global free trade ports of Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai as the fulcrum, we provides transit and intermodal services in Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Sea Shipping logistics

We has been engaged in international and domestic maritime transportation services. At present, We has signed export agency agreements with shipping companies such as MAERSK/SAF/PIL/OOCL/ONE/COSCO, covering all major ports in China. As a bridge connecting shipowners and customers, we have been maintain a virtuous interaction between the three parties, provide customers with competitive prices, and ensure adequate space.

With Dubai as the fulcrum, we provides Dubai-China air and sea transport to the Middle East and Africa.

With Hong Kong as the fulcrum, we will provide sea and air intermodal services from Hong Kong to Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia.

With Lianyungang as the transit point, it provides sea-rail combined transport services in Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and Central Asia.

Medlink provides customers with integrated one-stop door-to-door shipping logistic solution. It has established a good relationship of cooperation with a number of strong domestic shipping companies and domestic major ports, its transport network covering all parts of the coastal cities and inland ports. It caters to customer needs, to provide Door-Door, CY-CY, Door-CY, CY-Door and other personalized logistics services.

DDP Service

We has always been committed to providing customers with convenient, efficient, trouble-saving and cost-effective logistics solutions. At present, our dedicated logistics lines include: Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Dubai, South Korea, etc.

The advantage of the special line logistics is to use the strong customs clearance capability of our company's at destination port to provide door-to-door service for those customers who have less goods or need certain customs clearance cetificates.These clients enjoy express delivery service with the price of air transportation

Project Logistics

We mainly operate steel pipe/cement pipe transportation, energy equipment transportation, power generation equipment transportation, mineral mining equipment transportation, space equipment transportation, machinery equipment transportation, formulating logistics schedule for customers and solving transportation technology. Challenges, prevent operational risks, coordinate relevant organizational interfaces, and monitor the implementation of operations. A one-stop logistics solution that provides the equipment, materials or construction tools needed for the project from the place of production to the designated location.

Our company mainly has the following 2 types of charter services.

Portable bulk carrier:The total load DW is 35,000 tons - 40,000 tons. The draught is shallow, and the ports in the world can basically stop.

Small bulk carrier:The total load DW is 20,000 tons to 27,000 tons. The largest ship type that can enter the top five lakes in the United States. The maximum length of the ship is no more than 222.5 meters, the maximum ship width is less than 23.1 meters, and the maximum draft is less than 7.925 meters.

Value Add Service

We are committed to providing integrated logistics services to our customers. Value-added services including warehousing, customs clearance, trailers, insurance, certificate of origin, document certification and embassy signing.

At present, we have set up our own warehouses in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai to provide customers with services such as warehousing, inspection, packaging and labeling.